EBT History

Founded in 1863, Emily Bird Thayer was Kansas City's first department store.  In the early 1890's EBT contructed a beautiful new building on 11th street, occupying the entire block.  The Victorian masterpiece with neo Romanesque capitols was the "it" place to see and be seen.  It was razed in 1971 and many of the architectural elements were saved.  EBT Restaurant opened in 1979 and was designed to celebrate Kansas City's Gilded Golden Age.  The restaurant now contains many of the original artifacts from the original site, including the original elevator cages as well as the original arches that were once outside of the building, and now are preserved inside. 

In 2006 Black Hand Forge collaborated with Artist-Blacksmith Kamber Sokulsky of eleMetal designs as well as Sunlight Studios to create five seven foot chandeliers, each with fifteen pieces of hand blown glass, for the newly remodeled EBT restaurant in Kansas City, Kansas.  The designer wanted a very floral and organic design.  In addition to the five chandeliers, we also designed and built thirteen wall sconces, each with its own piece of custom hand blown glass.

About EBT Restaurant

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